Welcome to Sky Castle Properties

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Welcome to Sky Castle Properties

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what we do

We actively seek to build meaningful, genuine and honest relationships with investors for the purpose of acquiring multi-family real estate in markets with good fundamentals throughout the United States.

Our Mission

To bring investor groups together with one goal in mind: purchase multi-family properties that provide a safe, secure investment that earns above average returns. Through vigilant on-going management, we strive to provide our investor group double-digit returns with the opportunity to double their investment in 6 years or less.


Justin has been a multi-family investor since March of 2014 when he joined Brad Sumrok’s Personal Multifamily mentoring program. Before then, Justin was a single-family investor for 10 years. In just one year in the multi-family investment program, he exceeded all cash flow made from his single-family real estate business. In September 2015, Justin was privileged enough to become one of Brad’s multi-family coaches. Since then, he has helped several of Brad’s personal students acquire multi-family properties across the country, leading to those students achieving their investment goals.

Our Strategy

We focus on B and C class properties that have a value add component in markets with great fundamentals.

  • Landlord and Business Friendly
  • Low to Medium Cost of Housing
  • High Job Growth
  • Familiarity
  • High Population Growth

Investment Structure

Our teams and partnerships are formed with private individuals looking to grow their passive income and net worth through real estate. As we mentioned, our partners have a long-term investment outlook - typically 4-7 years. With that said, we are always looking to build relationships with individuals looking to invest passively, interested in being a key principal or looking to be a lead sponsor.

Why Multi-family

We love multi-family investing for a number of reasons, and wouldn't do it any other way. Here are a few of the big ones.

  • Cash Flow and Capital Gains
  • Economies of Scale
  • Financing
  • Buying a Preexisting Business
  • Feel Good Business

A Proven Track Record

Since 2015, Sky Castle Properties has helped acquire nine properties in five states with a total purchase volume of over $70 million and total equity raise of over $18 million.



Each property was purchased with a group of investors, with the goal in mind to earn double digit cash-on-cash return and double their money in 6 years or less.


purchase volume


Equity Raised





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